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we're not indie, we just like the music

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New member [Jul. 7th, 2007|04:57 pm]
we're not indie, we just like the music

[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |"I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" - The Rubinoos]

I am: Ballroom Pink
I listen to: Rilo Kiley, Camera Obscura, The Shins, Tom Waits, Sam Phillips, Blossom Dearie, Feist, Cat Power, Pernice Brothers, anything British Invasion or New Wave
Something new I recommend: Joe Purdy, Windsor for the Derby, Pete Yorn, The Concretes
If I didn't have music, I would: Be empty inside
Something to talk about: Cover songs. I have over 100 different cover songs, some are spectacular like Richie Havens' cover of "Here Comes the Sun" is amazing and some are cheesy like anything The Dan Band has done and some are bad. Question: If the cover artist is of a different gender than the original artist should they change the pronouns to fit them or what? For instance, I just heard Minnie Driver's cover of Springsteen's "Hungry Heart" and she doesn't change a thing. I still like it but would it make the song horrible if she changed it to fit her gender?
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I just found out about this band [Jun. 5th, 2007|05:09 pm]
we're not indie, we just like the music

[Current Location |Home]
[mood |bouncywoot woot]
[music |None at le moment]

It is called Gomo and it is some very good stuff. Has anyone else heard of them? He's from Portugal I believe.

Either way, have a listen if you haven't:

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I have to do it... [Apr. 8th, 2007|02:54 pm]
we're not indie, we just like the music

Thoughts on the new Arctic Monkeys album?

Erm... Okay, I was already saying after "Brianstorm" that I didn't think it was going to disappoint me like some other sophomore albums...

But that was before I heard the rest of the album.

I think other than "Brianstorm," I like "Fluorescent Adolescent." Maybe "This House is a Circus." And that's it. I didn't feel like the other ones I would listen to a lot.

It took a lot of time for News and Tributes to grow on me. The new Kaiser Chiefs still hasn't. And I still only listen to two songs from Bloc Party's A Weekend in the City.

Anyway, your thoughts?
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(no subject) [Feb. 20th, 2007|10:37 pm]
we're not indie, we just like the music

Hello all,

Just a quick request. Does anyone have a For Against album they’d be willing to send my way, online of course. Just comment please. I need it for an article and, once again, my local record store has let me down. Any and all help is appreciated, thanks!

x.posted (so apologies if this is all over your friends page)
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Proposition [Dec. 10th, 2006|04:51 am]
we're not indie, we just like the music

The ever-increasing perkiness of hipster music is a reaction against rock and alternative music being dominated for so long by morbidity and po-faced whinging. Agree/disagree?
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Damn the Man [Nov. 24th, 2006|01:59 am]
we're not indie, we just like the music

"You have good taste in music. For a girl." I've heard that one too many times. Next guy who says is to me is liable to wind up with a black eye. I often find that discussions arise regarding women and music, women in music. I'm always inordinately pleased when a male respects my taste in music, who looks at me as someone knowledgeable. Why should that be, though?

Any female who is very into music winds up in these discussions. I've rounded it down to the fact that male attitudes towards females regarding music—whether it’s as a music fan or as a musician, whether in the press, the industry, or as a listener—is one of the last remaining sexisms.

Men are comfortable stating their beliefs—vociferously, as fact. Women? Not so much. We tend not to speak up for fear of sounding stupid, and worsening our case. Even when we know what we’re talking about. And even when we do speak up, men who disagree with us think we’re silly and wrong because we have different opinions than they do. Opinions are not fact, they’re opinions. But expressing ours opens us up to being torn down in a way men never have to worry about.

We're criticized for squeeing over cute band members, looked down on as groupies and fangirls, but men never have to answer for admiring attractive female musicians.

We pay more for haircuts and dry cleaning. Yet we are increasingly gaining top positions in companies. But if you look at the music industry, it’s sorely lacking females. Whether it be journalists, executives, or real, proper, good bands.

A while ago, I noticed how the majority of the newly successful female or female-fronted bands have reverted to old-fashioned sounding music, or even just a bit retro. The Pipettes, The Chalets, The Long Blondes. They’re all reminiscent of the female bands of yore. (Well, it seems like it’s been that long.) Why is that? Why can’t females be successful playing contemporary music? Why are there no dark-electro female bands, for example? There are very few female bands that are actually rock bands. Leila from The Duke Spirit is a fledgling. Karen O is our goddess and leader. Is it that we’re only capable of singing girly music well? Or is that we’ll only be accepted if we play that feminine, Supremes-shimmying type music?

I’ve had this rant in me for a while, but what inspired me to put it into words now? Lily Allen. A musician I have not supported because she makes more headlines tearing down people than she does making music (this case included). To me, her music just isn’t good enough to make up for it. Lily Allen was named as #3 on the annual NME cool list, a list which, this year, has an unprecedented number of female musicians. Which I thought, at first, could only be a good thing.

Then I read this. Lily’s latest infamous myspace blog entry. But I really respected and related to what she had to say. This is it in its entirety:

Wankers.Collapse )

Let’s try and end this off on a more positive note. How long did it take women to get the vote? To become CEOs in companies? To be able to use birth control? Do you foresee things changing any time soon? And what has to be done to effect this change? Will it take decades, centuries? And should we just get off our righteous indignation and stop caring so much, and maybe then things will change?

(cross-posted here.)
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Indie animal o' the moment [Nov. 9th, 2006|02:53 pm]
we're not indie, we just like the music

Remember all the 'wolf' bands? I am now seeing a trend of bands with 'llama' in their names.

Sick Llama (Who I can find nothing about other than they've been opening up for Wolf Eyes lately. Conspiracy??)
Das Llamas

Maybe the llama thing is only happening in Seattle? Discuss if you wish.
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