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Liner Notes

we're not indie, we just like the music
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A community where we discuss important musical questions such as:

Why remix songs?

Should all future non-Libertines projects by Peter Doherty and Carlos Barât be outlawed?

Are Radiohead the most overrated band ever? Or is that U2?

And what exactly is a fruit machine?

New Members: Please start a discussion topic. It doesn't have to be good, and I promise we don't bite. If all else fails, try something like this:

I am:
I listen to:
Something new I recommend:
If I didn't have music, I would:
Something to talk about:

Membership guidelines:

These are not rules. Look, we’re not your parents. We’re not going to tell you not to swear, to please play nicely with others, and to eat all your vegetables.

What we will say is this - there are ways to disagree with people without insulting them. Please try your best to do so. Even if you think their opinions and taste in music is utter and complete shit. Because don’t forget - music is extremely personal. What you might consider an abomination against creation, someone else could love beyond reason. All we ask is that you try and respect each other. At least on here.

Once you’re a member, you’re obviously in the clear when it comes to your musical tastes and intelligence. And most of us prefer indie primarily. HOWEVER. Everyone of us has our guilty pleasures. You should feel free to bring them up to discuss, and anyone who takes the piss...well, we know what you’re hiding in your record collection. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Since this isn't a forum, ongoing discussions aren't always at the forefront, so don't forget to check back and look at older posts to see if you're missing out on any action.

Also, since you’re all obviously rational, intelligent human beings, please type accordingly.

All posts should be friends only.

Entries are moderated only to prevent spam.

Thank you,
The Management

(*disclaimer - "Indier Than Thou" is purely tongue-in-cheek. ;))

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